About Us

Our Story

Our Story at ALIS FRIED CHICKEN is rooted in a profound commitment to making change for good. We’ve set our sights on leaving a positive mark on the world by offering practical solutions to those within our community. Each day, we strive to do better, driven by a vision to provide strategic business opportunities accessible to all Malaysians. We firmly believe that now, everyone can do business, and our mission is to simplify the path to entrepreneurship. Our aim is clear – we want to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to not just change, but significantly improve their lives through sustainable business practices. As we look forward, our purpose remains unwavering: to nurture and uplift our community. We are proud of the impact we’ve made thus far, having helped numerous families enhance their livelihoods and achieve financial stability through our comprehensive business packages. This is our story of transformation and empowerment, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Making Change For Good

At ALIS FRIED CHICKEN we aim to make an impact on the world by providing solutions to the people around us.

We aspire to do better every day by offering strategic business opportunities to all Malaysians.

Now Everyone Can Do Business

We are here to help you start up your own business as easy as possible.

We want everyone to have access to change and improve their life through sustainable business.

Greater Impact

Our purpose is to help and foster the community. As we look ahead, we believe that we can have a greater impact by giving the people a chance to transform their life.

To date, we have helped many families to improve their livelihood and achieve financial stability through our business package.

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